Sindhi Fonts

Enabling your Window XP computer to read Sindhi Fonts

If you are not able to read Sindhi fonts or if Sindhi letters are inappropriately appearing, please follow the instruction below to have nice results:

·         Use internet explorer 6 or above.

·         I have written this blog in MB Lateefi font by Abdul Majid Bhurgri, you can also install this font for pleasant reading.

How to get it?

1.       In a new folder download MB Lateefi font from the web site of Abdul Majid Bhurgri sahib:

2.       It will take few minutes to download; you will get a Zip file of 283KB size. Go to the folder where you have downloaded the file, if you have no unzip utility (e.g. Winzip) don’t worry this utility is build in Windows XP, just right click the downloaded file and click ‘Extract all …’. The file will be extracted in the same folder.

3.       Install by clicking this new executable (exe) file. By default this will install font in drive C in this folder:  C:\WINDOWS\Fonts.

4.       Now you have MB Lateefi font installed in your computer.

5.       Restart your computer and enjoy reading beautiful Sindhi.


·         I feel very sorry to say that I have no first hand experience of installing MB Lateefi or other Sindhi font in Window Vista or other operating systems e.g. Linux or Apple McIntosh. As soon as I gain some experience I will put that here. Meanwhile please search web for instructions.

Note for computer savvy:  

·         Installation of too many fonts in your computer may result in slow performance. So if you feel comfortable with twitching your computer, get rid of unnecessary fonts.  You may find those fonts in C:\WINDOWS\Fonts, tinker this folder if you dare?


4 responses to “Sindhi Fonts

  1. I have enable script language in Regional and langages option.And fonts has installed from xp cd.But Sindhi fonts are not enabling in langiages box.Please help me.

  2. Dear Brother

    I have seen your MB Khurshid font for Sindhi I like that very mush. we are making Audio Vedio DVd for Holy Quran in Sindhi Language we want to use that font in that DVD.

    You can see our maked DVD at

    Please reply how i can get that if there is price please quote and we want to use that font in INpage 3.03 version

    Best Regards

    HAssan Rasheed Ramay

  3. plz help me my computer o/s window-xp not working sindhi fonts how to use sindhi font in my computer

  4. Sir
    i am coping your above script and pasting on my blog as a post. because i am also using same font.


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